Stripy Canvas Painting on a Dress

Stripy Canvas Painting on a South Dress

nature with lights and flower entangled onto the gate

Stripy Canvas Painting on a South Dress

Stripy Canvas Painting on a South Dress

A fine day it was, and the war in our mind created it much more unbearable as we saw the beautiful, blue sky. A great source of light kept us going. Honestly, in all fairness, there were approximately 200+ pictures to cherry-pick amongst the shots taken. Yes, the joy of choices made our life a dozen times by infinity easier. Enough said!


The set – White background…

References– A cross between colourful version of Audrey Hepburn met modern Frankenstein’s hair…

Outfit: A portrayal of stripy paint on a canvas (South)…

Make-up: Going for a natural look with a little hint of pink blush and a pink lip gloss along with subtle black eyeliner to enhance the overall look…

Accessories: Rouge wedges (New look) to compliment the dress…


 Good points: The boldness of the dress reacted well to the light, drawing the attention straight towards the array of colourful stripes. The shoes somehow balanced the entire outfit. The collar and the bow belt encapsulated the eloquence, grace of Audrey Hepburn’s signature look. Although her clothing is predominately one tone, there is no doubt that she remains an iconic role model.

Bad points: The arrangement of the strip patterns from the front of the dress appeared not a line with the back. Positioning of the bow was rather awkward.


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