War of Roses

War of roses fashion

The title of this post, War Of Roses, screamed for the scattered rosy pattern over the white dress as well as over the black lace  on the sleeves of the blazer. The idea came into sight especially when BBC introduced a  historical documentary on The Real White Queen and Her Rivals, and not forgetting the drama series, The White Queen. The inspiration did not stop right there. We went as far as reading more articles regarding the convoluted family tree and the development of each characters. This would go on and on. Let’s conduct a dissection of the outfit!

war of roses fashion

Don’t take this by surprise. We did literally cut a pair of leggings(lace), sewing each on the sleeves. Perhaps the only part we use our diy skills…

War of Roses fashion

No longer call it the war of roses. Should we call it the war of the weather???

War of Roses Fashion

War of Roses fashion


The set- Green crawlers, Square Trellis Panels

References- The White Queen; Philippa Gregory

Outfit- Blazer(H&M),Leggings (Claire), Dress (independent boutique)

Make-up: Reddish- Pink eyeshadow,  light pink lip gloss

Accessories: Wedges (New look), Umbrella


Good Points- The scenery fits well with the outfit. The back of the blazer has an architectural value shaped of a mosque. We so love the gargantuan pockets on both sides of the blazer. The colours of the dress blend perfectly that somehow balance with the rosy lace.

Bad Points- The dress is not the main showcase of the outfit because the dress alone is not as outstanding as when it is paired together with the blazer. The dress does not allow  a great movement so it tends to crease a lot.


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