Clashes of Cultural Effect

Fashion Batik

Fashion batik with eygptian makeup

Fashion Batik

Fashion batik


The set- Green crawlers, Square Trellis Panels

References- Egyptian meets Malaysian

Outfit- Blazer(Dorothy Perkins), Batik Floral print

Make-up: Cleopatra’s eyeliner style,  purple lipstick, Slicked back hair

Accessories: Traditional Coin Accessory, Chair


*The batik supposedly had a straight silhouette, and we had a simple surgery to make it a triangular shaped on the side, creating a small volume.

*The heavy traditional coin is positioned around the waist. But for this look , it required to tie the drama on the skirt and plain blazer, drawing the attention from the top to the bottom of this outfit.


Good Points-The essences of the coins and batik still displayed the traditional view whilst the black blazer gave a modern twist to the outfit. The coin accessory was meant to be around the waist, but positioning it around the neck created an expensive collar.

Bad Points- Wished the volume on the batik skirt to be more protruded.


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