Clashes of Cultural Effect 2

Purple headscraft

Purple headscraft with sunglasses


Purple headscarf with sunglasses


The set- Red and White Bricks

References- Infusion of Indian and MiddleEast Culture (Inspired by Aladdin)

Outfit- DIY Purple Headscarf, Harem Floral Pants (Market)

Make-up: Orange Lipstick

Accessories: Traditional Silver Belt, Sunglasses (River Island), Green Velvet Heels (Barratts), Brown Gloves (Ted Baker)


*The Headscarf was plainly made out of purple velvet fabric along with black stripes across both sides of the edges


Good Points- The  traditional silver belt was placed around the waist to bring all the look together. The hue of the outfit had an opulent royalty aura. Effects from the creases of the headscarf displayed a unique sculpture almost like folded ceramic followed by the pants which loosened up the tension from the formation of the creases above.

Bad Points- More fabric would have been easier to construct the headscarf.


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