Enjoying the late Summer!

Narrow lane of evergreen field

Shadow and Reflection from Lace

dungarees and lace gilet

Spining around with lace gilet

strolling along the stream

enjoying the views of field

winding blowing across the lace gilet


The set- The field

References- 90s Kid

Outfit- Lace Gilet (New Look), Dungarees Dress (River Island), High Ankle Boots (FFP)

Make-up: Pink Lipstick, Eyeliner (Natural Look), Green & Gold Eyeshadow

While walking down the narrow lane beforehand, Jacq found a beautiful spot of evergreen field with a little stream nearby (visit chewnchew for more Scouting Walkabouts). Tada, the set was perfect for a photo shoot. The weather mood changed frequently from shower rain to sunny, eventually the sun did manage to stay on for a while. The sign of Autumn season might be right under our noses for all we know. (Unpredictable British weather).

The location of the beautiful area was just few minutes walked away from home and the excitement started to build up as we did not know what to expect from the outfit itself in the unforeseeable weather.

Make-up wise, we tried to blend in with the setting of evergreen in a subtle way whilst enlightened the washed out outfit. Green and gold eyeshadow was the statement that helped to engage the clothing and the feeling of connection with the outdoor area.

Dungarees dress was our fashion era in the 90s. The memories of the good old days when our mother used to dress us up as ‘twins’ event though we are few years apart from each other! An addition to remembering back to our childhood memories,  t-shirt was worn together with the dungarees. However there were too much replica and back in trend nowadays, so we decided why not try something different and put the lace gilet in place of the t-shirt!

P.S. Hope you guys enjoy the late summer before you know autumn is crawling back its way!…

love always,

Jacey & Jacq…


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