Frida K it today!


Looks inspired by Frida Kahlo

Frida Kahlo inspiration

Inspiration from Frida Kahlo

Inspired from Frida Kahlo


The set- Studio with Pattern Wall

References- Frida Kahlo inspired look, Mexico

Outfit- Floral Batik, Chiffon Fabric

Make-up: Thick Eyebrows, Natural Look

DIY: The whole look

Reminisced from an intense reference from an art class I took as a source of study in sixth form. It reminded me of how vibrant and bold outfits she had always worn or drew portraits of herself. Statement from her thick eyebrows were the strongest impact of her overall look.

The DIY dress was designed by Jacq and both of us immediately took the risk of experimenting the outfit based on Frida Kahlo’s style. It was tremendously a difficult task as the makeup just seems to appear powerful. Trying to incorporate with the outfit was outrageously complicated, somehow we did manage to capture bits and pieces that we thought fits in the category. Phew!

P.S. Frida Kahlo is definitely something interesting to use as a reference based either in Art or outfit!

♥ always,

Jacey & Jacq


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