Vintage to à la mode

Vintage to Modern Fashion

Self potrait of vintage

vintage and modern style

White diamond pattern shirt

vintage to modern style

Vintage to modern style


The set- Mini Store and Wooden Deck

References- Casual Look

Outfit- Vintage White Diamond Pattern Shirt, Short (Jack Wills)

Make-up: Cat Eye Look

Accessories:  Belt (H&M), Pink clutch (Warehouse), Flat Shoes (Office)


The concept of this outfit was trying to recreate and innovate vintage to à la mode. Tried to combine those two and make a casual style that could be used in terms of everyday outfit. A balance of neutral colours along with some bold accessories of a clutch and the flat shoes. I personally like the diamond pattern shirt as it brings out the plain shirt to an intricate look but in a subtle way. Typically this shirt is always worn with either a skirt or trousers. Why not a short instead to add some spices to it!


la-de-la-raaa…completely nodding to what Jacey had mentioned…gee thanks for making my life ten times EASIER..Anyways on the serious note, pulling the outfit together took several hours, and sure we did a proper invasion of the ‘closet’, and thanks to oh so friendly weather the photos came out so well. If anyone ask me which one is my favourite piece, I will go for the shoes. Sadly, yes, I’m a shoes addict…

P.S. Summer is nearly over! So go out and roll your head in the sun while it last. Enjoy enjoy!

♥ always,

Jacey & Jacq


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