Red Spider Checker

Red Checker 3Spiderman Outfit for Halloween

Red Spiderman Checker outfitRed Spiderman Checker Outfit


The set- Minimal Background

References- Casual Look

Outfit- Red Checker (Next), Shorts

Make-up: Plain with lower Silvery Eye Shadow

Accessories:  Flat Shoes (NewLook)


Everything revolves around an event called Halloween. A little twist of casual and red checker blouse to basically confide the idea of wearing a spiderman outfit but in a more subtle style. I think this is the most comfortable outfit I have ever worn! It could be used as summer or even Fall season! Bright bright colours are popping out!


Hey peeps…been a century since the last post…Absence makes the heart grows fonder I guess…Never thought it as a halloweeny spirit but if that was made cut for the occasion then so let be it…A simple outfit with a simple neutral make-up ready to go for this autumn…Speaking of autumn, I must say this year autumn is suprisingly late but hey some days it could be sunny and the other day could be stormy…

P.S. Sorry for the late post as everything keeps cropping up! Enjoy this fall season of falling leaves!

♥ always,

Jacey & Jacq


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